Envirothon Topic Study Guides and Resources

Current Issues

2022 Topic:

Waste to Resources

1.Landfills and hazardous materials

2. Reuse, Recycling, and Waste Diversion

3. Food Waste in America 8. Composting in The Home Garden

4. Composting and Food Waste

5. Combustion with Energy Recovery(Waste to Energy)

6. Cleaning Up After A Disaster

7. Human and Animal Waste Treatment

8. Composting in the Home Garden

9.National Overview: Facts and Figures on Materials, Wastes, and Recycling

Aquatics soils

Aquatics Study Guide Soils Study Guide

Resources: Resources:

IDNR What Fish is This Soil Classification Study Guide

IDNR Management of Small Lakes and Ponds

IDNR Aquatic Plants ID

Field Guide to Aquatic Macro Invertebrates

Common Fresh Water Fish of Illinois

Indian Creek Watershed Project


Forestry Study Guide

Sections Referred to in the Study Guide

Section 1 – Tree ID and Basic Biology 

Basic Biology

Tree ID

Section 2 – Forest Ecology, Forest Wildlife Management and Silviculture



Forest Stewardship Terminology

Forestry Terms

Forest Ecology Management


Calling all Wildlife

To Cut or Not to Cut


Silviculture Principles

Intermediate Treatments

Section 3 – Knowledge of IL Forest Resources and Benefits

Dawson Forest Ecology and Management

Benefits from Illinois Forest Resources Pgs 51-57

Early Illinois Forest Resource Pgs 18-21

Forest Resources Illinois 2002

Ownership of Illinois Forest Resources Pgs 44-50

Forest Resources of Illinois – What do we have and what are they doing for us

Community Forests

Illinois Forest Resources 2005

Section 4 – Forestry Equipment, Measurement and Maps


Haglof Calipers                Clinometer

Compass                          Diameter Tape

GPS                                 Increment Borer

Prism                                Spiegel Relascope

Biltmore Stick            Digitech Professional Caliper

Maryland Extension Measuring Your Forest MAP INTERPRETATION

Tools to Measure the Forest Land Measurements


Measuring Standing Trees

Using Tree Measuring Stick

Measuring Trees and Estimating Volume

What is a Chain

What is a Cord

What is a Basal Area

Section 5 – Forestry Health


Black Knot                                  Cedar Apple Rust

Dutch Elm Disease 4H               UIUC Dutch Elm Disease Detailed

Anthracnose                               Armilliaria Root Rot

Oak Wilt 4H                                UIUC Oak Wilt Detailed

Verticillium Wilt                           Nectria Canker

Diseases in Hardwood Tree Plantings


Asian Longhorned Beetle                    Asian Longhorn Beet USDA Pest Alert

Emerald Ash Borer                              Emerald Ash Borer USDA Pest Alert

Fall Webworm                                      Eastern Tent Catepillar

Gypsy Moth                                          European Elm Bark Beetle

Japanese Beetle                                   Mountain Pine Beetle

Southern Pine Beetle                            Twolined Chesnut Borer

Hemlock Woolly       Red Oak Borer     Hemlock Woolly USDA Pest Alert


Wildlife Study Guide


IDNR Wild Mammal Workbook

IDNR Illinois Birds Workbook

Bird Calls

Nature Tracking – iTrack Wildlife

Audubon Guides

Bird Guide

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