Oral Presentations

Here you will find what to be prepared for with the Oral Presentation and Judging.

  1. Oral Presentations
    1. Team Captains will choose a token at registration with a number on the bottom. The number will be given to the registration desk and will indicate what time and location you will present. Please see the second day rotation schedule in your packet that you receive at registration, to find your number to indicate your time and location. (No schedule change requests will be accepted before or during the competition)
    2. Preliminary Round
      1. A ten (10) minute oral presentation will be given on the current environmental issue (5th Category) before a panel of judges. Followed by ten (10) minutes maximum for judges questions after the team has finished their presentation. Teams will receive 20 mins prior to their presentation time to gather their items and practice their presentation one more time before going in front of the judges. (see scoring)
    1. Final Round
      1. The top 3 overall teams based on the scoring rules will re-present before a new panel of judges in a final round. The final round will receive 10 mins prior to their presentation to practice one last time. They will give the 10 minute presentation which will be followed by (5) minutes maximum for judges to question after the team has finished their presentation. This final round will help to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placement. (see scoring)
    1. The Illinois Envirothon will provide material packet for each team which will include:
      1. Judges Scoring Sheet
      2. A list of items that are in each bag of materials.
      3. Presentation tips and hints
      4. All material needed to complete the presentation and make visual aids is provided. ONLY the material which is in the bag can be used to make the presentation.
      5. The items list will be checked when the bag is returned after prep time to make sure ALL items have been returned. Teams will only receive back what is part of the actual presentation the next morning for their presentation time.
    1. Visual aids must be prepared on-site by team members using only materials provided by the Illinois Envirothon.
    2. All five (5) team members must participate orally in the presentation. If a team is participating with less than five team members, that team may receive a two-point deduction per each missing team member.
    3. During oral presentations, all team members must wear the Illinois Envirothon T-shirt.
    4. Oral presentation scores will be based on criteria provided in the judges scoring sheet which can be found on the website for reference. Please make sure to cite sources from the Illinois Study Guide.
    5. Camcorders, tape recorders, and other audio/visual equipment are not allowed by the participants during testing. Team advisors may videotape their team’s oral presentation. Students will not be allowed to carry any electronic devices such as cell phones, two-way radios, laptops etc. during testing and oral presentations.
    6. Judges decisions will be final.
  • Scoring
    1. Scoring for the Illinois Envirothon will be as follows:
      1. Each of the five station tests will be 1/7th of the total score.
      2. Preliminary Oral Presentation score will be 2/7th of the score.
      3. Tie breakers shall be as follows: Current Issue written test score; Aquatics score; Forestry score; Soils score; Wildlife score.
      4. The scores from 1 (a) and 1 (b) will be totaled together to determine which teams will advance to the final oral presentations round.
      5. Final team placements will be determined by adding the five station test scores to the final oral presentation score. (Preliminary oral presentation scores will not be used to determine team placement in the final round.)

EXAMPLE Oral Presentation Judging Sheet