FFA Guidelines

*FFA only- the FFA team representing FFA for one day for testing only.

*LUC team-the team FFA or NON that is representing their LUC for both days of the competition.


Representation Guidelines:  Your winning team whether FFA or not will go to State and represent for BOTH days.  If your winning team is NOT FFA your LUC then has the option to send your top FFA team as well as your winning LUC team.  The top FFA team with then represent for the first day as FFA ONLY and your LUC team will represent for BOTH days.  In other words potentially your LUC could send two teams.


Registration Fees: If the FFA team is representing the Land Use Council their fee is $150 if they are ONLY representing the FFA for the one day it is $100. It is up to your Land Use Council as to how these fees are paid.  Some LUC’s pay both fees and some LUC’s pay for only the team representing their LUC and ask the FFA team to pay their own fees if they are the top FFA team representing for FFA ONLY.


Registration Forms: All teams will fill out the same registration forms and for this year please write in the chaperone spot that they are FFA ONLY if that is the case. Next year we will have a spot to check for FFA ONLY and LUC Teams.


Eligibility: Each FFA team’s registration will be sent to the FFA Executive Director to check for eligibility the each team member is an FFA member if they will be representing as FFA only.


Testing: ALL teams (FFA ONLY and LUC team) will participate in all 5 testing categories. The only event that FFA will not be participating in is the oral presentation. Testing results will be provided to the Land Use Council’s and to FFA Coaches to be shared with students, districts etc.


Meals: Meals are provided to overnight guests only, so please make arrangements to eat after the competition if you are FFA ONLY.