A Note from the coordinator..

I want to thank each and every participant for coming back to our website. I am to give you the best information that is up-to-date regarding competition dates, times, and schedules.

Our study guides have been updated with a new current issues guide that I invite you all to download and get the information out to your teams, so that they can prepare for the Current Issues test in their local and State competitions and have ample time to become familiar with the information provided.

LUC contacts have recently changed, so please check the list to make sure you have the correct representative’s contact information.

Dates for Local Land Use Council’s Competitions in Illinois will be posted in January. If your school is interested in participating in Envirothon but doesn’t know where to start, please call your local Soil and Water Conservation District for more information.

Thanks everyone for your support!


The Illinois Envirothon is part of a continental environmental competition for high school students. Envirothon is a unique approach to educating high school students about the natural world around them.  The participating schools have teams made up of 5 students who work together to take written tests, as well as to develop and present a problem solving oral presentation.  The students are learning about the areas of aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife and a current environmental issue, which changes each year.

Illinois is just one state that participates in this competition. For the National Envirothon there are 42 states and 4 provinces of Canada that compete for the top prize of $2,500 in college scholarship money and other prizes.  The program popularity is growing rapidly at the continental as well as the state levels.

Please contact your local Soil & Water Conservation District or us to find out how you can get started in this competition!!

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