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2022 State Envirothon  May 11th & 12th

Make note:  Wednesday and Thursday!!

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2022 Current Event Topic:

Waste to Resources

About the Competition:

Illinois Envirothon begins by competing at your local level competitions.  You will be tested on the 5 subjects (Aquatics, Wildlife, Forestry, Soils & Current Events Topic).

The top scoring team from the local event then heads to the State Competition in Monticello at the 4H Memorial Campgrounds.  The 4H camp provides us with 3 meals and housing for both teams and volunteers in their Cabin facilities.

The five member teams, representing a school or organization, are formed. Long before the competition starts, teams begin by studying resource material to learn the fundamentals of each category. At the competitions, students visit in-the-field test stations where presentations are given by resource professionals. They are challenged to work as teams to answer written questions and conduct hands-on problem solving situations focusing on each of the five environmental areas. The program is competitive but learning is the bottom line.

If you are interested in competing and need more information, please contact your local SWCD office for more information.

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The Illinois Envirothon is part of a continental environmental competition for high school students. Envirothon is a unique approach to educating high school students about the natural world around them.  The participating schools have teams made up of 5 students who work together to take written tests, as well as to develop and present a problem solving oral presentation.  The students are learning about the areas of aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife and a current environmental issue, which changes each year.

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